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Rome Offer

You have already travelled to one of our destinations in 2023 or will do so.

Please note that when you buy a return ticket on our new Sion-Rome-Sion route‚ the second ticket is offered to you. This second ticket is transferable and must be used on the same flight as the purchased ticket.

This offer is valid from January 2023 to March‚ 2024 depending on our flights and availability. This offer is valid only once per person.

Please contact to take advantage of this offer.

Family Offer

Take advantage of the family package now !

For all roundtrip flights to and from Sion, tickets are free for the second child under 18.*

Both parents and the first child ticket (eldest child) are charged.

Contact to take advantage of this offer.


*Passengers must travel on the same roundtrip flights.


It is now possible to create deposit for use on your Air Mountain tickets. The amount of the deposit must be paid by bank transfer after receipt of the invoice.

The amount will be linked to your account and you can use it to book your tickets faster.

You will benefit from the commercial advantage below :

You pay Your deposit Percentage
1’000 CHF.- 1’030 CHF.- 3%
2’000 CHF.- 2’070 CHF.- 3.5%
3’000 CHF.- 3’120 CHF.- 4%
5’000 CHF.- 5’225 CHF.- 4.5%
10’000 CHF.- 10’500 CHF.- 5%

If you have any queries regarding the constitution of this asset, please contact us via