Calvi is a town located on the northwest coast of the Isle of Beauty: Corsica. It is the second most touristic city on the island after Porto-Vecchio.
The region offers a diversity of landscapes harmoniously mixing beaches as well as mountains.

In particular‚ you can discover the highest peak in Corsica: Monte Cinto‚ which rises to 2‚710 meters. The Citadel of Calvi or Upper Town contains various monuments such as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus or the Saint-Antoine oratory.

A path through the Citadel will allow you to discover its every nook and cranny.
Calvi is also the departure of the GR20 (long-distance hiking trail 20)‚ this trail stretches for nearly 180 km crossing Corsica from north to south.

Air Mountain offers you this destination twice a week from Sion.