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Unaccompanied Minor

Minors between 5 and 17 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult must be in possession of a discharge signed by the legal representative. A copy of the document must be in the possession of our reservations department.

The discharge serves to relieve Air Mountain SA of all responsibilities. A signature of the legal representative is sufficient. The authorities require this document to allow the minor to pass abroad.

We do not have a hostess on board our planes. The minor must be autonomous‚ obey the safety measures given by the staff and‚ if necessary‚ be able to follow emergency procedures.

The legal representative must ensure that the minor is accompanied until boarding and awaited at destination.

Link to the UM discharge 

The discharge must be sent signed and completed to info@air-mountain.ch 

It is not possible to book a seat for a minor travelling alone with the booking engine.

Please contact our booking service by email to info@air-mountain.ch or by phone on +41 27 329 14 20 to proceed with the UM booking.


Travelling with you pet

Air Mountain SA accepts pets up to a maximum of 8kg. The number of pets per flight is limited to 2. You can book your pet by booking you flight. It is up to the customer to inquire and ensure that the papers (passport / vaccination card and other documents) of the animal are up to date for the planned trip. Your pet will travel in a suitable bag or crate. Under no circumstances should the animal leave the location provided for it. We grant a supplement 8kg luggage for your pet. It is part of the baggage allowance and it will be weighed in their bag or crate during check-in. The rate is 75 CHF.- per leg.

Useful link from FSVO 

Service dog

Travelling with you pet

Air Mountain SA accepts your companion dog free of charge on board. In order not to pay a supplement for the animal‚ please present a medical certificate indicating that it is a service animal. You will have the opportunity to add a service dog during the online booking process.


Travelling with your bike

The transport of a bicycle is limited to 1 per flight. The wheels must be removed and the handlebars turned in the direction of the frame. Transport will only be accepted if the bicycle and its wheels are properly packed in a transport bag designed for air travel. Additional information can be requested from our reservation center.

Electric bikes are not allowed on commercial flights with passengers.

On our charter flights‚ the weight of the bicycle is an integral part of the authorized baggage allowance and the transport of a bicycle is CHF 200.- round trip or CHF 100.- the single trip.


Practical information

On our flights luggage is limited to one piece of checked luggage and one piece of hand luggage per person. The total weight (checked luggage + hand luggage) must not exceed 18 kg per person.

Additional luggage: At the time of booking, you will have the option of adding an additional piece of checked luggage (maximum 18kg) for CHF 300.- round trip or CHF 150.- the single trip. Additional baggage is limited to one piece per flight.

We remind you that all luggage is weighed at check-in.

Checked luggage: Each piece must not exceed 158 cm in width + height + depth.

Allowed and forbidden items

Passenger luggage


Condition to travel

Until week 28‚ a pregnant woman can travel by air with a recent medical certificate authorizing her to travel. The certificate must not be older than 4 weeks.

From week 28 until week 36‚ a pregnant woman can travel by plane only with a medical certificate‚ not older than 2 weeks and covering the period of the trip which demonstrates the good state of health with the indication of the expected date of birth of the baby.

From the 36th week‚ a pregnant woman can no longer travel on board our planes.

Please present the medical certificate at check-in in order to board the flight.

Cancellation insurance

Practical information

An insurance is useful to enjoy your trip and to be protected against unforeseen events. You can take out insurance with our partner ERV.

Insurance link